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We Make Knowledge Fun


Rockwell Enterprises, established in 1967, publishes the widest selection of California visitor guides and maps in the industry. Our mission is to provide readily available, subject specific community information. Our map products focus on knowledge in addition to directions. Internet offers step by step instructions on how to get from point A to point B, we connect travelers with local interest in a way that is unprecedented. Our collection of maps, guides and atlases can be found in CVS, Walgreen, 7-Eleven and many gas stations.

Travelers are increasingly relying on GPS navigation systems for directions. Rockwell Enterprises believes there will always be a need for visitor guides but accepts the diminishing importance of printed maps. Our go-forward strategy is to expand on our success in integrating knowledge into basic information (visitor guides from maps by including useful and subject specific community data) and create new printed products that combines enjoyment with learning. Our new business mission is to “Make Knowledge Fun”.

Who We Are

In addition to a wide selection of Visitor’s Guides, we also publish Illustrated Proverbs, Subject-Specific Word Puzzles, Fun Trivia, Sudoku Books and more.

In business or in social circles, the use of proverbs adds sophistication and intrigue. It is often a good ice breaker. Illustrated proverb is a great way to share the wisdom of proverbs with your children and/or grandchildren.

Word puzzles are great in honing one’s vocabulary.  By using subject-specific words in creating word puzzles, we believe the puzzle player’s knowledge on the covered subject can be enriched through playing.

Life is too short and it is not a race. The objective of our fun trivia books is to share stories, jokes, witticisms and adages so that we can bring a smile to the face the reader.

Travel can be so boring. Playing sudoku is a great way to engage your mind while sitting on a plane, train or bus. It also sharpens your reasoning skills.

What We Produce